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   The Baltimore Bad Boys                         "The PLayer" Brian Logan

       The Bounty Hunter                                         King Kong Bundy

  "Canadian" Brian Douglas                             Death and Deastruction

             Daron Smythe                                                Johnny Blast

                  Magnum                                              "Xtreme" Joey Austin

               Just N'Kace                                                 The Dogs of War

            Mason Hunter                                                   Nikita Allenov

     "Onslaught" Chick Scott                                  "Pee Wee" Sherman

         "Pitbull" Bob Brown                                            Punchy McGee

         Rock & Roll Express                                               R.J. Stomper

              Rocky Reynolds                                              Southern Brawler

                The Iron Sheik                                                    Sir Alfred

         "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka                                          The Thrillbillies

                Bitmap Image
                 Viper                                                                   Big Vito