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Friday March 01, 2002

This time it's the Ref that's asking the questions. He sat down for a brief interview with Mason-Dixon Wrestling promoter Jim Hawkins.

1. What's it like being a wrestling promoter?
To do it right it is a lot of work. You can cut corners and get by, but the show ultimately suffers either in quality or fan attendance. It also takes a lot of money to do it right. Unfortunately it is often difficult to recoup the investment. In short, like anything in life, to make it worthwhile it takes a lot of work.

2. Were you a wrestling fan prior to getting into promoting it?


3. What is classic wrestling to you? Old WWF, NWA.......?

Both were entertaining to me. Favorite all time old territory is Georgia. Mid-Atlantic is a close second.

4. Do you watch WWF wrestling today?

Occasionally. Most of what they are doing is a littly racy for my taste, however.

5. You've brought in several top stars from the 80's. As well as some top talent from ECW as of late. Lets say you could bring in one guy, past or present, who would it be?

Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin or the Rock. They are money.

6. How exactly did you get into promoting?

Went to a WVWA show at the armory in Clarksburg. Met the promoter and asked to get involved. Put up $3000 to get the promotion moving. After that money was spent and gone, decided to promote on my own. Learned a lot the hard way.

7. Out of what must now be hundreds, does any show of yours in particular stand out as being the best?

Most satisfying moment was the Rock-N-Roll show in Buckhannon. Had little time to promote the event, but had a decent crowd who were really into the show. Great finish to the match which set up a return which never happened. In retrospect would have booked the rematch.

8. How about all the towns you used to run regularly? Kingwood and Buckhannon for sure really used to turn out big show after show. Which one was the best?

Both were good for different reasons. I'd give a slight edge to Buckhannon.

9. As of late we haven't seen you in the ring. In the past you've ring announced, managed, and even wrestled a few times, which I my opinion, brought a lot to the show. Will we ever see "Gentleman Jim" again?

"Gentleman Jim" is lost somewhere in the archives. You may see someone that resembles me getting jobbed as a Masked Assassin once in a blue moon, but I can't confirm that it will be me in the tights.

10. There's a rumor going around that MDW may make another trip or two around the circuit with some names from the past. Any truth to that?

Would be nice, but not likely. If I had a lot, and I mean a lot of help in the preparation, I might give it a go, but those are big ifs.

11. Last question. Do you ever see yourself not promoting wrestling?

It would be hard to walk away completely right now because I still have a few goals to accomplish, however the time will come when I will hang it up for good.